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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Valentine Tree - table decoration

This bling bling table decoration is assembled in less than 30 minutes and can be made with a string of white mini lights. Mine doesn't have lights - it will be in the center of my kitchen table and I would have no way to plug it in.

Supply list:
6 wire coat hangers (all the same size)
Handful of tie straps (your husband has some, trust me - just ask him)
2 strands of garland (6 feet each) of your choice

My coathangers are 16 inches long but you can use any size wire hanger as long as they are all the same length.

It is sorta difficult to explain how to put the coathangers together to form a tree. Take two coathangers and place them with the necks pointed towards each other. Then slide the neck (or rounded 'hook' part) towards long side of the other coathanger. Notice the right side of the picture above? Once you have it there, secure it with a tie strap. Repeat for the other side. You should have something that resembles a capital 'A'. Make 3 sets of these. Once you have your three sets, place them inside each other to form your tree. Secure at the very top with a tie strap through all six coathangers. Don't worry, it will flop around a bit but once all the garland is in place, it will stay. Clip all of the tails on your tie straps.

I chose red hearts as my garland - I purchased it at Walmart for a couple of dollars.

Beginning at the bottom, tie strap one end of your garland onto one 'leg' of your tree. Bring the garland around to the next leg of the tree and tie strap. Repeat until you have strapped garland to each coathanger leg at the bottom of the tree. Clip your tie straps and don't worry about the ones that show. You can fluff it up once are finished and it will be unnoticeable. Working your way up the tree, continue to wrap the garland around as you wind your way up to the top. Once you run out of the first strand of garland, tie strap the end. Start the new piece of garland on the same spot that you left off and tie strap it down. There are no additional tie straps needed until you get to the top - once there, secure the end with a tie strap and cut the garland that isn't needed. Make sure you leave enough garland to tuck it down into the tree and cover your coathangers and tie straps. You are done!

View from the top.

I couldn't resist the urge to take it outside and snap this picture.... all that green called for some red.
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