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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Super cool paper bowl

How cool is this? Blow up a balloon, glue all of your paper 'spirals' to it and then once dried, pop the balloon! Don't throw your old magazines out - make a bowl out of them! We make Christmas presents in my family rather than buy them and I can see this as a possibility for my husband to make. It has all the things he looks for in a craft project:
1. Can it be done in front of the tv?
2. Is it cheap?
3. Do I have to learn anything new?
4. Can it be done in front of the tv?

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  1. LOVE it just don't SERVE soup in it!

  2. I saw this about a month ago on Facebook. Me and hubby just got back from buying glue and balloons :) .. This is going to be fun. Thank you for posting it.

  3. How does one make the spirals? what kind of glue does one use - are there actual directions?

  4. I'm definitely trying this with the kids over the holidays

  5. You could definitely serve soup in it! plastic wrap the outside, coat the inside with epoxy resin and then take the plastic wrap off and then coat the outside with epoxy resin. Thanks for the idea!!