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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I have been searching all over for fabric to make curtains for my dining room.  Yes, I have lived in my house for eight years and am just now getting around to putting up some curtains.  I found this 'you have to buy this' fabric at Joann's.  

My dining room has all of the colors in this fabric and the pattern matches with the rug already in the room.  I paid $35 including tax for 6 1/2 yards - I had a coupon (don't you just love those Joann's coupons?)

While I was at Joann's, I discovered the easiest way I have ever found to hang curtains.  They are called 'decorative clip rings'.   Sorry, I didn't think to take a pic of them until after they were already hung at the top of the 80 inch window and my husband was fast asleep.  I don't think he would have appreciated me waking him so he could take down the curtain for me to snap a picture of the clip.

This little ingenious creation allows you to simply hem all four sides of the curtain.  After hemming, add the clips and slide onto a tension rod and you are ready to hang your curtains.  You can use any rod that is small enough for the clips to slide over (they are made with varying diameters) but I used the inexpensive (read cheap) tension rods from the dollar store.  And here is the final product.  Please ignore my dining room chair that has a hole in the back of it.  All I can say is I am glad it was a chair that the baseball hit and not a window.

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